When I decided I wanted to test out the waters of becoming a triathlete, I was determined my end
goal was to complete an Ironman 70.3.  I knew I needed help to understand what I was getting
into so I sought out the expertise of a seasoned Ironman triathlete.  I had already been running,
cycling, and swimming a bit, so I was in fairly decent shape, but I had zero racing or triathlon
experience.  I needed help with everything from gear to training to nutrition.  Everything.   I soon
found Coach Andrew through the Ironman Coach match, and was extremely happy with his
knowledge, coaching, and training program he set up for me.   I wasn’t able to work with Andrew
on a one-on-one basis as I lived 150 miles away, therefore all of our training and
correspondence was done remotely via email, phone calls, and Training Peaks.  Andrew made it
to my first triathlon to help me with the logistics and preparation before starting the race.  This
helped immensely to have someone there walking me through the steps that are so seemingly
simple, yet with the first-race jitters, can become difficult. Leading up to the 2nd race, Andrew
helped me with nutrition during the bike and run.  My second race was the Ironman 70.3 in
Boulder, and due to the coaching by Andrew I was prepared and completed the race in a hair
over 6 hours.  Success!  Andrew was right there to see it through.  If you’re looking for a coach,
don’t hesitate to call Andrew.


Since my beginning in the sport of triathlon Coach Andrew has been by my side.  I met him on a cycling trip to Boulder in 2006.  We
rode together one day and by the end of the ride I knew that I had to hire him if I wanted to be successful in the sport.  With no
athletic background Coach Andrew transformed me from a typical party boy to a serious student of the sport.  Even with him living in
Boulder and myself in Miami I experienced much success from the very first race he prepared me for.  In 2009 Coach Andrew
suggested that I train for an Ironman.  So then began our Iron Journey.  By the time race day came up Coach Andrew led me to a
sub-11 first time Ironman finish and I closed with a sub 3:50 marathon.  What was most interesting about  his coaching was that
running was my weakest discipline. Not anymore!! Coach Andrew's inspiration and motivation not only lead me to the Ironman but it
also inspired me to move to Boulder so that together we can fulfill my dream of becoming an elite age grouper.

Ryan Shiling

I finished my first Ironman 70.3 triathlon this year.  The ONLY
reason I was able to cross the finish line was because of Andrew’s
compassionate and expert coaching.  I had only done sprint
triathlons previously, was not in great physical shape to begin with
and had a crazy schedule that had to be juggled.  I fit in workouts
around work, family obligations, classes and travel.  One of the main
reasons I chose to work with a coach is so that I got the personal
attention I needed.  I didn’t need to worry if I was ahead or behind
any “group” schedule…I was a group of one and Andrew fed me a
steady diet of mixed workouts to get me stronger, faster, more
competent.  He tailored everything to ME!  And when I hit the wall,
Andrew talked me away from the ledge, got me back on track and
feeling confident.  He answered questions, provided technique and
nutrition advice and worked through race day logistics.  When my
“big day” arrived, I was ready!  I met everyone of my goals …and am
so excited to be in season two with Andrew, with even more
aggressive goals!  I’m confident that this year I will be equally
successful and am tickled to have Andrew with me every step of the
way, to make sure I am!

Elise Howes