I came to triathlon late in life, at age 40, with absolutely no athletic background. Instantly hooked, I became a student
of the sport, absorbing whatever information was available at the time and continue to stay up to date on the latest
advances in training, equipment, and education within the endurance sport world.  I led the run training program
with a triathlon club that I helped start in the Miami, FL, area in the mid '90s and soon graduated to helping members
create structured training programs based on my studies and personal experience. As the position of Triathlon
Coach became a real thing, with certifications offered by the National Governing Bodies and other organizations, I
jumped in and began the formal education process to feed my passion for the sport and helping others grow and
reach for their goals. I have been actively racing triathlon for well over 25 years, earning podium positions and age
group awards at every distance, and have been coaching athletes for nearly 20 years, finally starting my company
BreakawayMultisport in 2006. With nearly 200 triathlon finishes, including 10+ at the IRONMAN distance, I feel that I
have a wealth of knowledge to share with my clients, both in training for success and in the execution of the plan
out on the race course. I have guided first timers to results far exceeding their expectations and have taken
experienced triathletes to new levels of success. I am comfortable working with athletes of all ages, from teens to
masters, veterans and novices, and am equally comfortable with both male and female athletes.

I like to approach my coaching position as more than simply a taskmaster who writes a plan and expects the athlete
to follow it. I wear many hats in the process of reaching our mutually set goals. I am a time manager, a consultant, a
guide, a cheerleader,
and a planner. As the season progresses, I work with the latest analytical tools to evaluate the athlete's successes
and challenges in completing the training and I am constantly amending and tweaking the schedule.  My feeling is
that by establishing incremental, realistic goals at the outset, focusing on those goals, and using them as yardsticks
to measure our progress along the way, we can achieve the successful completion of our journey, hopefully to set
forth on yet another. I see triathlon, and IRONMAN triathlon in particular, as a lifestyle rather than a one time event.
Goal setting, fitness, achievement, and discipline all play a big part in our success as a team and there is always
something that can be done to improve the outcome.....this time and next time.